OpenSea is the most popular NFT marketplace

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OpenSea is the most popular NFT marketplace

About the platform. All types of tokens can be bought and sold on OpenSea. Not only from the field of art, but also domain names, virtual lands, game and sports cards, collectibles and utilities. For example, in the Utilities category, you can purchase membership in the Bankless community by sponsoring it. Or, among the collectibles, you can find popular CryptoCats.

ImageMembership in the Bankless community is sold as a token at the OpenSea auction
ImageAnd "CryptoKitties" at a fixed price
OpenSea is not only a token sale platform, but also a meaningful blog. It publishes articles about making money on the platform, the necessary information about tokens, top NFT sales for the month and a rating of sellers.
Rating of tokens by sales volume
You don't need to register to create a collection, buy a token or upload your work. It is enough to enter the site through MetaMask. Payment on OpenSea is done in cryptocurrency.

Which cryptocurrency to pay. ETH, DAI, USDC, WETH, 0xBTC, 1MT, 2XDN.

How much does it cost to post your work. Posting your work, creating a collection - free of charge. Paid features include:

Trade commission. It does not need to be paid separately. OpenSea will deduct 2.5% commission on every successful NFT sale.
Account activation from the first sale. Here you will need to pay the Ethereum network commission when the first buyer buys your token. In February 2021, it averages $ 30-100.
Also, when placing NFT on the site, you can set up to 10% royalties. That is, the author will be charged a percentage from the transaction for each resale of this token.

Affiliate programs. OpenSea collaborates with other art token marketplaces: Rarible, SuperRare, Makers place, Async art, Mintable, Known Origin. If you put up an art token for sale on one of these sites, then the NFT will be visible not only on the exposed platform, but also on OpenSea.
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Re: OpenSea is the most popular NFT marketplace

It seems to me that the future awaits this platform, and many times higher than the rest. You can find many talented people on it and give them an impetus for development in the future.
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