SuperRare - a platform with the most expensive NFT art

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SuperRare - a platform with the most expensive NFT art

About the platform. SuperRare is a marketplace for collecting and selling unique digital art. Only digital arts are placed on the platform.

To buy a work on SuperRare or add your own, you need to register on the site and link the MetaMask or Fortmatic crypto wallet. Before uploading your work to SuperRare, you need to go through an interview with the site administration. Therefore, well-known digital art artists are housed here and works are valued more expensive than on Rarible and OpenSea.

ImageMore than $ 500 thousand earned from the sale of their works Pak. He tops the top artists on SuperRare
Which cryptocurrency to pay. ETH. ​​

How much does it cost to post your work. Posting your work is free. On the first sale, SuperRare deducts 15% of the transaction fee. The platform also takes 3% of the commission from each successful NFT sale. When an art token is resold, the author gets 10% from each transaction.

Affiliate programs. SuperRare does not have such a separate jump button as Rarible does. At OpenSea, works are presented as collections from SuperRare.
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Re: SuperRare - a platform with the most expensive NFT art

It seems to me that the commission on this project is not too high and you can make good money on it if you set the priorities correctly. If you take other people's work and pass it off as your own, it will only get worse.
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