Aid to Ukraine. NFT stop the war!

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Aid to Ukraine. NFT stop the war!

Hello. My name is Roman. I live in the east of Ukraine.
On February 24, 2022, the fascist regime of Russia attacked my Ukraine. This led to the occupation of 20% of the territory of a European state. Tens of thousands of deaths of civilians, including children. In the occupied territories, about 80% of residential buildings were destroyed. Many people lost their jobs due to the war, including me. Until now, fierce battles continue in the east and south of the country. People keep dying.
I decided to create NFTs and sell them here. I will donate a portion of the proceeds to our armed forces and charities. Let's defeat evil together! And stop the war. Glory to Ukraine!
As far as possible, I will replenish the collection. Together we will stop the fascist aggression and help those in need.

Please don't pass by. Buy our NFT: Aid2Ukraine
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Re: Aid to Ukraine. NFT stop the war!

stop the war!

I will Build an NFT marketplace website Like opensea for you contact me
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