Foundation - Accommodation by invitation only

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Foundation - Accommodation by invitation only

About the platform. The Foundation only hosts digital paintings. To purchase an art token, you do not need to register on the platform. It will be enough to log in through MetaMask.

In order to become a contributor on Foundation, you need to join the official community on Discord and share your work on the "intros-invites" channel. Or find an artist friend at the Foundation and ask him for an invitation.

Here the sale of tokens takes place through an auction. Anyone who has indicated a high price for a certain time gets a job. Therefore, when buying a token, you should pay attention to two parameters - price and time.

ImageFor example, the price of the "The Runs" token is 0.4 ETH, and time until the end of the auction - 9 minutes
Which cryptocurrency to pay. ETH. ​​

How much does it cost to post your work. Posting your work is free. The Foundation holds 15% of the sale of the art token. When reselling NFT, the author is charged 10% royalty.

Affiliate programs. The Foundation has its own partnership program with OpenSea, the same as Rarible. That is, on the NFT page on Foundation there is a special button "View on OpenSea". When you click on it, the selected NFT is shown on OpenSea. Also, the partner platform has its own collection of works with the Foundation called "FND".
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Need a Foundation Invite

Hello NFT Community

Good News!!!

Just recieved 3 last foundation invites to

Note that foundation has stopped issuing invites and in the near future after the last circulating invites run out getting onto the platform is by community upvote!!

Get in touch at

For details
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