Best way of creating multiple music NFT copies for sale?

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Best way of creating multiple music NFT copies for sale?

Hi everyone!

I'm totally new to NFT and just watched hours of youtube videos, read blogs, and articles and I'm still not quite there with making a choice how to do this. I'm also a fan of crypto but haven't ventured into the NFT space till now. So I thought I would reach out to the community and ask you what is best.

What I basically want to do is sell some of my tracks from my latest soundtrack release as NFTs. It's a quite big cinema release in Germany, Austria and Switzerland so thought it could do well on Opensea with some Insta-ad :)

My concept is to sell 5 different tracks in the quantity of 10 limited copies/editions. The 10 editions have no change in graphics, audiofile or anything. They are all the same. But I want the price to rise consecutive so that the first one is cheapest and the last one is most expensive (the quicker you buy one the cheaper you get it).

As far as I've come I can see there are two ways of doing this:

By copying the additional command-text in the URL as provided by Opensea I can enter the supply quantity when creating an item and set it to 10. Then I can create a sell listing for that item and type the quantity of 1 and set the price for that first copy. I do a new sell listing for each one of them with the quantity of 1 till I reach 10 listings. It seems I can set the price as I want for each listing. I've seen that “Ape Drops 03 : An 8th” do this ( ... a93a7797/5).

The other way is to create one item for each of the 10 copies/editions of each track and list each one for sale separately. So the first track would have to be created 10 times with the supply quantity of 1. I've seen that “Snoop Dogg on Sound XYZ” does this and it also gives the possibility to add the limited edition number (#1/10) in the title of the track (

So since I'm so new to all of this I'm curious to hear what experienced NFT users would think I could benefit from either of these two ways. Or is there maybe a third way to do it? :)

Looking forward to hearing what you all think!

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Re: Best way of creating multiple music NFT copies for sale?

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