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A collection of 8,888 unique NonFungibolt Tokens with 95 unique traits holding secret Power Up abilities. Their goal is to guide humans thru Web 3, help others with their rainy days, and make it rain on their community with numerous “Rain Storms.”

Our collection has 95 total traits. Some traits have built in Power-Up abilities that will be revealed post mint! Your Thunder Buddie may be even more powerful than you think! Power-Ups include increased drop %, free merch, increased access, and much more!

The main focus is growth! The more we grow, the more we drop. Our community wallet and treasury will be used as a tool to let Thunder Buddiez benefit from the success of our project. We want our community to be completely engaged in the growth process, and our community will be rewarded for that engagement through Rain Storms. These drops will be determined by the amount of growth of our fund and will be given to those who qualify for Rain Drops or those who own Thunder Buddiez with a Rain Drop Power Up (more to come).

Even though our main goal is to grow together as a community, we also want to give back to those outside of our community. Many people have put some money aside for a “rainy day,” but others are struggling with rainy days that they haven’t prepared for. Whether it’s mental illness, community hunger, or four legged friends, we want to use treasury funds to make a difference in whatever field our community votes to make a difference in.

Thunder Buddiez's holder gets the bag!


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