How to sell NFT without paying a gas fee?

You can sell your NFT pictures, music, domains and other things on this forum.
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How to sell NFT without paying a gas fee?

A non-fungible token (NFT), is a type of token that proves ownership of a digital asset. Tokenizing (or minting NFTs) is the process of creating them on the blockchain. It comes with a high gas cost.

If you use Mintable Marketplace or use Polygon Network on Opensea, you can list NFTs for sale without having to pay gas fees. even if you have 0 eths in your wallet.

Here's how to create and sell NFTs for free using Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains.

How to make NFTs for free

Download and set up a MetaMask wallet:

MetaMask, a browser extension that integrates with your device, is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets. Download the MetaMask wallet if you don't have it yet. You will also need to create your wallet password. This password is required every time you want to link it.

Connect MetaMask to OpenSea:

OpenSea market and click the top right wallet symbol to link your wallet. Select MetaMask then confirm the wallet connection. Once your wallet connects to the marketplace you will be able to view your profile and make your first NFT.

Create and mint NFTs on OpenSea for free:

There are two options: you can list a single item or the entire NFT collection. Click on the top-right menu to create a single NFT. Click the account icon, located near the wallet icon. > My collections > Create an NFT Collection to begin minting a collection.

Both single and multiple collections follow the same process. After you click Create, the first NFT is created. But the item isn't for sale and you won't be able to find it by using the search box.

Make a list of your NFT:

To sell your NFT go to Sell (top-right). You can set the price for your NFT. After entering all necessary information, click Finish Listing. Your NFT will now be available for purchase. OpenSea charges a 2.5 percent service fee. This will be removed from the sale price once the NFT is sold.

Finally, this is the process for creating NFTs in OpenSea with no gas fees. The process is identical for all NFT marketplaces. But, one thing that makes them different is their ability to mint NFTs on multiple blockchains.


OpenSea, it is clear that they have the potential to be a major player collecting and trading NFTs. so it is a great NFT marketplace business model for you to establish your presence in the NFT industry. Reach out to the best OpenSea clone developer to Make your business ideas come true!
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Re: How to sell NFT without paying a gas fee?

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