Metall History Style Coin

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Metall History Style Coin

Proudly bear the name of the first!

The first project in the history of human civilization to issue commemorative coins. NFT commemorative coin (obverse) issued. The number of coins is 6 pieces, 3 - gold and 3 - silver. NFT release date April 6, 2022 = death date. Dedicated to the memory of the great man and politician V.F. Zhirinovsky. The collection and the project as a whole, according to specific evaluation criteria, forever secured the right to bear the name of the First in the history of civilization!
One of the commemorative coins (silver)
№id 80627262058273753921855389648104775629143355194511221716031614132539642347521
Already available at the link for a very symbolic cost. ... 9642347521
A full description of the concept and evaluation criteria for this collection (project) will appear in May 2022 and will be posted to cloud storage as a pdf file with a digital signature.
1. Why there are six coins - a link to a historical event. Konstantinovsky ruble. According to many sources, there are six of them.
2. The NFT release date and the great politician's departure date are April 6, 2022. There will no longer be such a coin, since there is no time machine.
3. The first NFT coin (obverse) issued in memory on the date of death.
7 April 2022
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Re: Metall History Style Coin

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