Do You Think Metaverses will Get this Space Mainstream Adoption?

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Do You Think Metaverses will Get this Space Mainstream Adoption?

Metaverses will be the next big thing to hit the mainstream. Companies are already leveraging them to create a new interactive experience for their customers. Metaverse will make a real opportunity to bring the next generation of gaming and e-commerce to the masses. After the pandemic hit the world, socializing virtually seemed to gain popularity.

All major tech companies are already working on their own metaverses. This includes Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. These companies have the resources to build these metaverses and get people to use them.

Joining the bandwagon, Facebook has rebranded as Meta, and is working to develop its Metaverse. Decentraland, a crypto oriented Metaverse, has gained attraction from influential brands. A Metaverse platform XANA recently attracted famous anime studios such as Ultraman, Rooster Fighter, and Astro Boy to launch their Metaverse-compatible NFTs.

This shows that virtual worlds are becoming more and more popular, with major brands looking for ways to interact with their customers virtually.
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