A Metaverse Shouldn't have Really High Network Fees

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A Metaverse Shouldn't have Really High Network Fees

The possibilities of the Metaverse are genuinely endless. People are all hyped-up to invest in the Metaverse. But one thing that can make a metaverse platform less accessible is "High Network Fee".

Most Metaverses are being built on Ethereum, which has some significant advantages—it's the most widely used blockchain in the industry. It has a ton of tools, libraries, and other resources that make it an ideal platform for many types of applications. However, that has its downsides: the high gas fees and long transaction times can make it challenging to use, especially when there's constant user interaction.

Ethereum's gas fees are prohibitively high for most users, which means that your Metaverse would only be accessible to those who can afford to spend a lot on network fees. Building your Metaverse on a Layer 2 side chain of Ethereum is a better option with minimal network fees to facilitate the users.

XANA Metaverse is built on Layer 2 Ethereum side chain and has extremely low network fees (in fact, they're almost non-existent) and super-fast transaction times. XANA is a truly unique platform that has all of the benefits of Ethereum without the expensive gas fees.
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