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You can sell your NFT pictures, music, domains and other things on this forum.
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Inventor Club NFT ✨

Our Vision is to use Inventor Club as a vehicle to help stay at the forefront of the
future. Whether that’s coming up with innovative NFT utility strategies, building

the infrastructure of Web 3.0 or investing into AI, biotech and sustainable agricul-
ture companies, this project is only the beginning. Inventor Club NFT is one step in

a 100 stair step. 20 years from now NFTs and the metaverse will have evolved into
something inconceivable today. Web 3.0 is changing rapidly and those who are

involved today will be able to help create the future. In the short term we’re crea-
ting a Dow and putting $400,000 into Ai, Biotech and sustainable agriculture com-
panies. These investments will be put into a holding company and shares will be

given to our holders in proportion to NFT ownership.

In the short term we’re also turning Inventor Club into a brand. That means crea-
ting our own world in the metaverse, creating merch and animated shorts. Imagine

Disney for entrepreneurs in the Metaverse. Each Inventor featured in the our NFTs
have made a massive impact on our world and our brand will inspire others to
embody the same traits.
If you’ve studied Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Carnegie, Benjamin Franklin or any other
Inventor featured you know they all emphasize long term thinking. Infact Jeff
Bezos Is building a massive clock in the middle of Texas “As a reminder to future
generations of the importance of long term thinking”. We won’t pretend we can
predict where web 3.0 will be in that time frame. Everything is evolving rapidly and

one new technology (like brain machine interfaces) could disrupt a plan. Our stra-
tegy is to pull back the bow, find our aim and time when we shoot. In other words,

we will be ready with the team and resources to adapt with our rapidly changing
world. However, with that said we are continuously contemplating and crystalli-
zing what this can become in 5, 10 and 20 years.
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