RARI giveaway for buying / selling NFT

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RARI giveaway for buying / selling NFT


RARI is the native token of the Rarible platform. I will say right away that it is a really promising token, a worthy candidate for long-term investment. Traded on several exchanges, see here. The RARI rate at the time of the publication of the topic is $ 6.68. The total amount is only 25 million RARI, which is very cool.

As much as 60% of the total RARI supply is reserved for sellers and buyers in the Rarible market. That is, if you bought / sold any NFT, then you will receive RARI tokens. How much exactly? Depends on the number of buyers / sellers this week, as 75,000 RARI is handed out every Monday by 12 noon to users who have made a sale or purchase on Rarible in the last week. Both buyers and sellers equally receive 50% of the weekly distributed amount.

In addition, RARI is distributed to all NFT holders, regardless of the site, on which you purchased the NFT. As many as 10% of the total RARI supply is distributed among such users. If you are sure that you have NFT tokens on your wallet, but they are not displayed in your account on the site after connecting the wallet, fill out a special form about this problem and the site team will consider it.

A friend of mine in one of the groups in the cart said that he bought / sold a pair of NFTs and was credited with 5 RARI (~ 35 $). Who has already used this marketplace?

Profit everyone!
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