Polygon claims another victory in large-scale wars with Decentraland

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Polygon claims another victory in large-scale wars with Decentraland


Just a day after the two decentralized financial centers announced their second-tier integration via the Polygon sidechain, their lead was followed by a core non-physical token and game.

In a blog post this morning: Virtual world and video games NFT-based Decentraland has announced a token bridge allowing users to move their own MANA tokens to and from Polygon. MANA was ranked 80th by market cap at time of publication and is up 3,750% YoY to $ 1.01 on Coingecko.

This is just the first step in a much larger migration as the project intends allow all Decentraland decentralized applications, including their Builder and Marketplace contracts, to conduct transactions on Polygon.

In addition to fast settlement, the integration will also make all transactions completely free for users. While Polygon typically charges a fraction of a cent per transaction, Decentraland said they will also use Biconomy.io's meta-transactions. This will allow users to “claim, buy, sell and trade wearables for their avatars entirely on Polygon, with no transaction fees.”

Finally, the integration will allow users to purchase MANA tokens directly using credit and debit cards through Polygon's integration with the on / offramp Transak cryptocurrency.

The transition is another victory for Polygon in a multi-horse race to provide solutions for scaling Ethereum's chronic gas costs.Polygon, which has been rebranded from Matic, a former potential Ethereum rival whose sidechain claims are somewhat strained, enjoyed a particular advantage from the competition falling asleep at the wheel, such as when the accumulation platform Optimism pushed their release by three months.

Yesterday, Aave and Zapper announced the introduction of Polygon, bringing the project two top 100 market cap wins in less than a week. More competition may arise in large-scale wars, however, as Starkware raised $ 75 million last week.
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