запускает основную сеть токенов CRO

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The crypto exchange said the new open source public blockchain was targeting “payments, DeFi and NFT.”

Cryptocurrency exchange has launched a fully decentralized open source public blockchain, Chain.

In today's announcement, the cryptocurrency exchange announced that it has launched its Crypto. org after more than two years of research and development, two testnets and a mainnet trial run, with reportedly 275 million transactions processed within a month. The blockchain's own token will be Coin (CRO). burned over 70 billion CROs last month - roughly $ 10 billion at the time - ahead of the mainnet launch. At press time, the new network had already processed over 7,000 transactions that said were targeted at “payments, DeFi and NFT.”

“Decentralization matters,” said the CEO of Crypto .com Chris. Marshalek. “Today you are faced with bad options. You can use Blockchain A and pay high fees in a slow, congested, but decentralized environment. OR, you can use Blockchain B, fast, cheap, but known to be completely centralized. ”

With over 10 million users, the crypto exchange has made significant offers this month by launching an irreplaceable token, or NFT, a platform with exclusive content from artists. In addition, the company recently joined the Visa network to expand the reach of its cryptocurrency credit card.
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