Check Pardus Cat Warriors Collection ,Still 7 free items

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Check Pardus Cat Warriors Collection ,Still 7 free items

Hi everyone , I have created a collection I wish that you may check it on Opensea
there are 7 items with price of 0 ETH , hope someone of you be the unique owner


Planet Pardus is a planet of this or that universe. Felids have evolved and formed societies and entities similar to those we humans have, struggling to survive in the midst of conflicts and wars.

The collection, as a first stage, will contain 1000 radically different characters, generated using a private program based on artificial intelligence as Midjourney . The perfection of the characters was left untouched for the sake of rarity and aesthetic evaluation. We will be posting successively for different new characters. Get your favorite character today, and always follow us, we will offer characters from time to time for free, and we hope that you will buy in sometime a new character to support us and encourage us to continue. The future plan is ambitious, but of course depends on the capital that will be raised. Where the characters will be employed in films, games and stories. Get Your own unique character now.

Anyone wants to collaborate and has something value to add for the collaboration , I'm happy to hear from you.
I will be glad to receive your suggestions and comments.
Best Regards.
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