Virtue Poker partners with SuperFarm

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Virtue Poker partners with SuperFarm

Virtue Poker partners with SuperFarm to launch its first DEX offerings to the community

Enjoying the success of its recently concluded private funding round, Virtue Poker is taking another step forward by introducing non-fungible tokens into the online gambling ecosystem following its the upcoming IDO.

A new era for NFTs when they get ahead in games
Blockchain technology has already taken the world by storm. As decentralized casinos continue to disrupt traditional business models, they are at the forefront of this revolution. Keeping pace with the growing market, Virtue Poker, a decentralized poker platform, aims to bring NFT to the online casino world.

Incubated by ConsenSys In 2016, Virtue Poker made a name for itself using the unique features of the Ethereum blockchain coupled with P2P networks and advanced cryptography to provide a secure, fair and transparent platform for poker players around the world.

The platform is backed by renowned investors including Pantera Capital, DFG Group and Flurry Capital. Thanks to its unique offerings and provably fair gaming policies, Virtue Poker has successfully raised $ 5 million in a recent private seed funding round.

Following the successful closure of the funding round, Virtue Poker entered into a long-term partnership with Superfarm to offer many new features, including the launch of its first IDO and the introduction of NFT, to mark a significant milestone.SuperFarm's DeFi Internet Protocol provides the necessary solution to convert any token to NFT without the need for additional encryption, which Virtue Poker will use after the IDO is complete.

In its upcoming IDO, Virtue Poker will list some of its Virtue tokens Player Points (VPP) for sale on the SuperFarm launch pad. SuperStarter, which gives the SuperFarm community a direct opportunity to own VPP tokens. In addition to ownership, users can also stake their VPP assets to run Justice Nodes, earn up to 50% platform maintenance fees, access unique marketing strategies, and participate in the platform's upcoming product development roadmap.

Ryan Gittleson, founder and CEO of Virtue Poker, is very optimistic about this partnership. He adds,
As we get closer to releasing the full mainnet, the partnership with SuperFarm to launch NFT is helping to perpetuate this historic moment for us.
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