Role of Blockchain Technology

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Role of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain commerce plays a crucial role in making people adapt to crypto assets, which in turn necessitates the need for the trading of cryptocurrencies. Decentralized financial services have seized the attention of crypto enthusiasts worldwide and contributed significantly to the overall growth of the crypto space.

According to stats of Defi Pulse, the total value of crypto assets locked in the DeFi protocol is $70.87 billion USD, as of February 2022. On the other hand, the reports of CoinMarketCap the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies has surged to more than $1.76 trillion USD. These mighty figures show the meaningful expansion of cryptocurrencies overall.

Acknowledging this rising potential and capitalizing on the market advantages of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Global Digital Cluster Coin comes into the picture. Global Digital Cluster Coin is a blockchain protocol that allows anyone to develop their own decentralized applications and code immutable smart contracts.
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