Metaverse: education system

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Metaverse: education system

Before exploring an outline of the educational uses of the metaverse, it is essential to
comprehend its fundamental components. What part will education play in the
metaverse? According to definitions of the phrase, the metaverse is essentially a fully
complete digital cosmos that lives outside the boundaries of physical reality. In
essence, the metaverse would bring together several virtual worlds to create a
permanent digital space.

The potential for utilizing metaverse for education has been made possible by the
steadily developing uses of a metaverse in many fields, including gaming. Before
exploring the options, it is crucial to comprehend the metaverse's fundamental ideas
since they might support instructional applications.
Four key ideas, including augmented reality, lifelogging, virtual reality, and mirror
worlds, would come into focus if you tried to categorize the metaverse broadly
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Re: Metaverse: education system

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