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Сollection: Slabs

Digital NFT Trading Cards backed by physical, graded assets, aka "Slabs"!

Collect and invest in tokenized physical sports and trading (TCG) cards. All tokens represent cards graded by reputable companies like PSA/BGS with distinct grades. (ie, a PSA 10 is distinct and separate from a BGS 9.5) Cards are stored securely in off-site locations like PWCC Vault and others. Build your digital collection and skip the shipping & storage hassles.

You may optionally redeem your NFT to receive a physical card. Full instructions are in the unlockable content. Redeemed tokens are destroyed, and the new owner is responsible for all shipping costs, fulfillment fees if applicable, and insurance. Visit our link for more details. NFTs with a serial # from the grading company will match the one in custody, but may not always be the exact card you receive. You will always receive the exact same grade by the same company. Brought to you by Replin and Listia

Link for acquaintance: https://opensea.io/collection/slabs
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