Сollection: DeNations

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Сollection: DeNations

DeNations (Decentralized Nations) is a blockchain-powered decentralized metaverse, where anyone can build and manage nations, cities, and civilizations.
Register your Nation Ownerships (NFTs) and enjoy tax farming at Play.DeNations.com!
DeNations is a virtual metaverse that interacts with the real world, and the city/state/civilization in it changes based on that of the real world and the events of DeNations.
These nations, cities, and civilizations are issued in Ethereum NFT and the number of the NFT will be limited as the nations or cities are limited in the real world.
Make your nation/city prosper in the DeNations, and earn token profits through management farming.

Link for acquaintance: https://opensea.io/collection/decentralized-nations
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Re: Сollection: DeNations

An interesting and colorful collection, it is always interesting to watch quality works. On the one hand, everything seems to be very simple, but on the other hand, it is thought out to the smallest detail. That's cool!
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