Binance plans to make its NFT platform the largest in the world

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Binance plans to make its NFT platform the largest in the world

When did you start working on the NFT platform?
The Binance NFT platform has been part of Binance's strategy roadmap for some time now. We launched the landing page in April, the marketplace itself will launch in June.

The NFT market in its current form has a number of disadvantages:
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- general, barriers to entry for the population are still high.
- On some blockchains, for example Ethereum, NFT fees are high -transactions.
- On some NFT sites, users are unable to withdraw purchased NFTs off the platform.

NFT liquidity is low for most of the market.
Binance has the largest user base in the cryptocurrency world which covers over 180 countries and regions. Given the number of customers, the Binance NFT platform is capable of attracting millions of NFT collectors from around the world, and Binance will strive to provide maximum liquidity and minimum fees to users. Binance has the best resources in the cryptocurrency world and we have the best technical support for this kind of problem.

Transaction fees will be competitive and creators will be paid royalties to benefit from each subsequent transaction. Users of our platform will be able to freely deposit and withdraw their NFTs, as they are their rightful owners. The most important aspect is that Binance has the best and largest traders who will provide the Binance NFT trading floor with tremendous liquidity.

Our goal is to make Binance NFT the largest NFT trading platform in the world in terms of trading volume, user base and versatility. Last but not least, we want content creators to have the best mining, buying and sharing experience using the fastest and cheapest solutions based on the Binance blockchain infrastructure and community.

How many artists will you have in June at the time of launch? Are they exclusive to the platform?
Immediately after launch, we will recruit a large number of leading artists to work, as we strive to become the largest NFT trading platform. Already at the time of launch, artists will collaborate with us, and we plan to release as many NFTs as possible, which will cover all categories. Not all artists work exclusively with us.

Will it be possible to buy NFT with credit cards and all crypto assets on Binance?
Yes, in the future we will support credit cards and other cryptocurrencies for buying NFTs.

Are you working on your own NFTs?
Yes, we are.
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