Why SwissTaler NFT ?

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Why SwissTaler NFT ?

SwissTaler NFT is not just another NFT but an NFT with highest potential, value and origin based to the real Swiss Taler, that was created by Jacob Stampfer, designed in ca. 1546, this medal was very successful and was frequently recast over the later decades of the 16th century.
This is one of the earliest depictions of a "Swiss cross" in heraldic context.
SwissTaler a rare NFT art, with extraordinary benefits.
It represents the unique Swiss Taler in three different types: GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE
In addition to NFT in the form of classic coin, the SwissTaler team has also designed NFT based on the Mobile Game, such as the avatars that will be in the game in different positions and different skins.

SwissTaler NFT is related to SwissTaler Mobile Game, which is a game with play-to-earn concept, and which will offer many benefits to the users. Mobile Game is connected to several online shops, with this we understand that the whole project is an ecosystem in itself.
The vision is to be the solution for the whole world in the newest era.

If you need more info about this Mega Project join to the Discord: https://discord.gg/99u7XWfuUM
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