OpenSea Offers (Bidding) Bot by David Nikolic

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OpenSea Offers (Bidding) Bot by David Nikolic


Friends, pay attention to our NFT project.

Project name:

OpenSea Offers (Bidding) Bot by David Nikolic

Project description:

The OpenSea Bot by David Nikolic is your ticket to NFT gold! This software makes automated offers on OpenSea listings, so you don’t have to spend every waking moment trying to find and buy NFT collections you’re after.

Top features:

Stay carefree with 99.8% up-time
Every one of your automated offers will go out in time. That’s a guarantee. Our 99.8% up-time is something other bots can’t boast — and we’re working hard to push that to 100%!

Direct support line to the developer
Have questions? Feature requests? Or issues with the app? Drop a line through our support chat, and the developer will contact you in 24 hours or less. You also get access to all future updates when you purchase the app.

Secure & safe — backed by CSC
The developer has included his name in the software, purchased the Apple developer program and code signing certificate, verified his identity, and signed the software using certificates. All so you can rest assured that your data — and your NFTs — are safe with the app.

Fixed price offers
Send fixed price offers on your selected listings or collections with specific traits [e.g., 0.01 Wrapped Ethereum (WETH)]. Never pay more than you want.

Relative price offers
Adjust your offers based on the collection’s floor price [set at 80% of the floor price so you can sell a collection for a healthy profit margin… as soon as tomorrow].

Custom offer expiration
Automatically withdraw listing offers after a set amount of time has passed [great for time-sensitive collections or for automatically clearing offers without having to keep a reminder about them].

Bid based on specific traits
Select listings you want to bid on. Automate offers on collections with specific traits so you never miss out because you couldn’t log in to OpenSea.

Bid based on rarity
Sort the listings by rarity (ranking) and bid only to the most valuable NFTs.

Cutting-Edge Technology
You don't need to worry about whether the software will stop working, or the offers will fail. Rest assured, no matter how many offers you plan to send, the software will do its job.

Unlimited usage
Send 1000s of offers every day. No cap. No slowdown. No additional fees.

Now available for Microsoft Windows 11/10/8/7 and MacOS 10.10+ operating systems.

Watch the video tutorial here:

Official website:

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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