Interactive NFT - shows many views. - Comic Book.

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Interactive NFT - shows many views. - Comic Book.

Hi, I am new here, but technically savvy.

I try to make a simple CRYPTO COMIC BOOK.

Multiple Images Grouped within 1 NFT.

Anyone know the best way to do that?

In other words,

LOOKING for the ABILITY to CLICK an NFT, and change the VIEW to a new PAGE, repeatedly.

EXAMPLE: NextPage, LastPage, Menu.


Exhaustive deepdive across all chains.

From OpenSea API, I see how to make "INTERACTIVE NFT" with:

a) HTML render using

Code: Select all

, metadata, on 1155.

Q: Is animation_url the only or best approach - to render (fully-functional) HTML PAGE into an NFT?

Q: Will animation_url render across platforms/wallets - reliably?

Q: Will the NFT be "clickable" across all platforms - reliably?

b) GOAL: Simple Comic Book that clicks from page to page - as an NFT.

Q: anyone have experiences/examples/pitfalls on "clickable" NFTs (like a menu with pages) - NFT PAGINATION?

It seems hard to find these concepts for me, not sure if anyone is doing that yet.

Thanks for your insights.

~ : )
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