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NFT DreamWalkers //BlackPaper


DreamWalkers NFT is a collection of 6363 unique and randomly generated characters that live in the depths of the dark side of the moon and have different races and genders. Each NFT has a certain level of rarity.

Our core development team is experienced and involved in large technology projects, has been following the Blockchain industry for a long time, with 16 years of development experience, and you most likely even use the features we work on daily.

Project website:

DreamWalkers NFT is not just a dry project on TON, but much more:

- an exclusive collection drawn by our artists from scratch, which is not a copy of any collection from another network;
- involvement in the community, on which we plan to make one of the key bets;
- membership in a closed club;
- share ownership of the project;
- general funds managed by DAO with quarterly dividends;
- the ability to directly influence the development of the project, with the help of their right to vote;
- the opportunity to become part of the team, within the community;
- real and useful privileges for whales;
- access to useful tools;
- early access to insiders, whitelists, giveaways from other projects.

Our main task and the direction in which we are moving is to gather creative, ambitious, progressive partners and like-minded people around the project, with those with whom we want to become a significant part of the decentralized blockchain, to forever inscribe ourselves in the history of the development of NFT culture. Ultimately, we will come to build a powerful DreamWalkers metaverse, the key to which is our NFTs. And the foundation of all this will be our tools, which will be developed throughout the project.

This document sets out the fundamental goals and objectives that we have set for ourselves at this stage. Despite this, we do not want to set limits for ourselves, as there may be tasks that require a quick response, aimed at increasing the value of our collection, as well as developing the infrastructure of TON.

Details can be found here:
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