Axie Infinity

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Axie Infinity


Axie Infinity is a fantasy creature game with training, battling, and breeding that launched in October 2018. Axie pets have unique attributes and moves they can use in battle. The six classes of Axies each have advantages with different skills in battle. Each class is stronger compared to two other classes.

Battles take place in teams of 3 and can be placed strategically on the 3x3 battlefield. It's advantageous for users to also prioritize moves for battle as they will be run sequentially in battles right now. Moves repeat from the top.

The world of Lunacia is where Axies live and the land is owned, operated, and controlled by the community. It is up to the community to defend Lunacia from the Chimera monsters in one-on-one and group battles.

Decentraland crossover
Like some of the other collectibles Axies are available in Picture Frames inside Decentraland, which is expecting an imminent public launch.

LOOM partnership
Coming this fall, Axie Infinity will release live battles which includes selecting each sequential move during battle. These battles will take place on LOOM's PlasmaChain mainnet and assets can be minted to Ethereum mainnet.

Software Development Kit
The team announced an SDK will be available (sometime next year) for third-party developers to build on top of the Lunacia land and expand the game play.
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Re: Axie Infinity

Quite an entertaining game by the way. I really liked. Provided that I always played like this for free, this is a discovery for me
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