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Game items

Today we're revealing our partnership with B-SIDE Games. Chainmonsters, developed by B-Side Games, is a new and exhilarating cross-platform multiplayer online game where you catch, battle, trade and compete with digital monsters in a massive multiplayer open world experience.

We're proud to work with B-SIDE Games to enable Chainmonsters backers to trade their digital assets on VIV3. Chainmons and Game Alpha Access will soon be available for trading on VIV3.

The Crystal variation Chainmon was only available during this Kickstarter campaign and differentiates itself through an exclusive unique visual effect. There will be only 600 Crystal Chainmons in total in the entire game, making them highly sought-after rare collectible NFTs.

Not all of them were sold in the Kickstarter so we are dropping a few remaining ones on VIV3 marketplace in the coming days!

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