NFT Newsletter - we break down fascinating projects

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NFT Newsletter - we break down fascinating projects

Hello Everybody!

This is my first ever post on Qoska- kinda cool! Anyways, I will get straight to the point:

I run a newsletter called MorningNFTea - we break down dope projects and report on recent NFT news

For anybody who is looking to learn more about the NFT space or is interested in learning about some really fascinating projects, I would recommend checking us out!

The most recent project we broke down was the Full Send Metacard - their team is basically turning their NFT into equity within some of their existing ventures.

The next project we are breaking down is called MetaSilk - they are a DAG (Decentralized Autonomous Gallery). Basically, an art gallery in form of a DAO, so collectors make decisions for the gallery (Artists on the rosters, what to do with the art, partnerships, etc.) So yes, the collectors could even choose to burn the art if they want!

Anyways, I will leave it at that. You should be able to find us with a simple google search. If not, our domain name is just our company name.

Let me know if you have any questions, as I am always open to chatting about anything NFTs!

All the best,

- Morning NFTea
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