TheKingsNFT - booster your social media and NFTs

You can sell your NFT pictures, music, domains and other things on this forum.
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TheKingsNFT - booster your social media and NFTs

NFTs are booming, but only a few artists are really succesfull.
TheKingsNFT mission ist to help NFT artists to promote their works in the Metaverse: participating artists can select a plot at and upload their digital artwork and link to their social media.

TheKingsNFT is a world`s first digital action artwork created by the digital artist sonicrare based in Europe. Driven by the philosophy and Metaverse DNA "power to the people", he created the Metaverse constitution "WE, THE ARTISTS."
Inspired by this new digital movement of web 3.0 of to create this historical digital action art project is it, to make it everybody possible:
a) to become a real NFT digital artist by joining the collaborative digital artwork
b) entering this new and decentralized NFT art space
c) be part of the new metaverse and web 3.0 ecosystem

It is to enable everybody to enter digital art, the NFT-technology and to enter and experience the Metaverse by creating a mankind one-of-its-kind digital artwork for the world and beyond.

After selecting a free plot, the contributing crowdartist can upload an own created digital image or animation artwork. This artwork will be part of the final TheKingsNFT digital action - & patchwork Artwork in the golden-frame.

The Final digital patchwork Artwork will be dropped as one NFT on a BIG5 platform and promoted in the Metaverse. (first appearance at
100% of the generated final NFT revenue will be distributed to all participating and collaborating Crowdartists.

Participating users will become part of the KingsNFT member club and will profit from future promotions (drops, events, promotions)

First 50 spots are just 0,1 ETH, then gradually increased


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