Blockchain Mercedes Benz

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Blockchain Mercedes Benz

Official Web3/NFT/Blockchain project Mercedes-Benz

🚘🚨Mercedes-Benz’s history spans more than 130 years. During this time, collectors have engaged with and enjoyed all kinds of physical objects, from the vehicles themselves to model cars.
🚀Welcome to the world of Benz

Mercedes-Benz has implemented 0xNXT its ecosystem and Web3, blockchain and will soon release a coin.

But you can already get acquainted with their product.

Mercedes-Benz has already released their unique NFT collection.

And among 10,000 NFT owners, 10 Mercedes-Benz EQS 2022 cars will be raffled, it will be possible to get anywhere in the world where there is an official representative of Mercedes-Benz.

To participate in the Mint NFT and get a chance to be the first to get a Coin Mercedes-Benz you need:

1. Connect on the website:

2. We subscribe by points to all communities on social networks.

3. We perform tasks, this increases the chance of getting a car 🚗

4. Let’s enter activity in Discord

5. We get NFT Mercedes-Benz NXT
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