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Mumu pet is an nft game based on tron network, trc 20

The game has two main earnings

Buying an ordinary pet and farming on a passive
Buying a play pet and farming in adventures
Regular pets start at $20. 1* pet earns $0.37 per day at the moment

Pet 2* earns $2.44 at the moment

3* pet earns $16.13 at the moment

Pet 4* brings $37 at the moment

Pet 5* earns $454 at the moment

All prices for pets, their income, are listed on the site. Attributed pets start at $115 at the moment. Attributes are the indicators of a pet; they are needed to participate in battles; you can receive additional income for battles with monsters. Attribute pets can also be obtained in synthesis, it is better to put 4-5 pets in synthesis for a higher chance, but remember there is always a risk. Synthesis chances are not written in %, but there is a definition by type: medium, high, ideal, low. There can be many variations of synthesis, how to do it is up to you.

Where to start in the game?
First you need to register using the link below ... ode=d9d98t

Code d9d98t

in the first line you need to enter the country code (for example, for Ukraine it is +380)

On the second line you need to write your phone number without +

In the third line you need to come up with a password from 6 to 18 letters in English!
On the fourth line you need to repeat your password

In the fifth line, you need to specify the invite code that is written above (d9d98t)

If you have completed all these steps, congratulations, registration is over 🎉

You can start earning

The next step you can take a free pet by going to user, my pets, it will bring you $ 0.15 per day, but it is pointless, since we came here to earn a lot of money, not a penny

To start earning fully, you need to replenish your account. You need to replenish your account through a crypto exchange, usdt on the trc 20 network.

Below are the deposit options:

-- Binance is the most popular and secure exchange, but only suitable for those over 18 years of age because verification is required

-- Kuna is an excellent exchange for Ukraine, you can work without a passport and you can replenish it from a card

-- Bestchange is an ideal option for all countries, replenishment from any card in the world, but the only negative is the overvalued exchange rate

-- Bybit is a reliable exchange, deposits from different countries

This is not the whole list of exchanges through which you can replenish, but these are the most basic, remember that you can replenish from any exchange where there is a trc20 network

We figured out the replenishment, now the conclusion


There is a tutorial for only one exchange, but all exchanges have the same essence, only the design is different, so I think it will not be difficult to withdraw. Remember that the withdrawal from the Mumupet game is from $15 and the commission for withdrawal is 16%

Best regards MuMu pet team
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