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You may be familiar with our earlier post, How to Build an NFT. It's time to learn how to market one after you have a handle on how to make one.
Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons NFTs have drawn so much attention in recent weeks is because of the bizarre tales of NFT salesmen. It's your time now.

If the entire procedure is confusing or overwhelming you, try not to be overwhelmed. We'll help you with that.

Five Steps To sell an NFT first time

Select a platform
Create a crypto wallet
Your NFT should be priced
Create a listing
Accept an offer

1. Choose the best platform.
The selection of a platform is the first step in selling an NFT. There are other choices, including direct-to-consumer platforms like Shopify and online markets like OpenSea. The decision will be based on the kind of NFT you are selling and the costs involved in trading cryptographic assets.

2. Choose the ideal cryptocurrency wallet
To put your NFT up for sale, you need the best cryptocurrency wallet. The most well-known wallets that let you sell NFT are MetaMask and dwallet.

3. Set your NFT price
It's a popular misconception that NFTs are only worth what they cost. NFTs' price and value to customers are influenced by a variety of circumstances, though.

4. Create a listing
You must make a list after deciding on the price for your NFT.
Open your NFT platform and log in. In the event that you're using a marketplace, click Create in the upper right. Depending on how many collectibles are available, you can then select one or more. The next step is to give your NFT a title and description.
You should write a title that is catchy, applicable to your digital item, and doesn't try to hard sell. Your token's purpose and any underlying themes should be mentioned in the description. It's crucial to indicate the NFT's level of rarity as well as whether or not buyers will receive any benefits in addition to asset ownership.

5. Accept an Offer
Once your NFT is listed, you should keep an eye on possible purchasers. The majority of platforms will notify you when a bid is placed on your NFT listing. To ensure you don't miss any discounts, it's crucial to often check in.

It will be regarded as a public sale if you specify a price and someone buys your NFT. If your digital asset is sold, you will be notified. Both fiat money and cryptocurrency will be credited to your account.

However, if the auction is live, you'll be notified of all bids on your NFT. Private offers may be sent by buyers, where they offer a price for your non-fungible token. You should be cautious as sometimes offers might be lower than the minimum price. Such offers are typically sent by bots or other adversaries who want to capitalize on the owner's oversight.
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