Using NFTs in book plot

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Using NFTs in book plot

Can anyone comment on the feasibility of this fictional scenario:

A security guard is part of a team transporting valuable oil paintings (along with some average paintings.) The security guard knows the team will get hijacked and the valuable paintings will get stolen. Before that happens, he takes a picture of one of the average paintings displayed with the valuable paintings.

The valuable paintings get stolen. The average painting is left behind with the others and later delivered to its gallery.

The security guard's plan is to NFT his picture. It's the last known picture of the valuable paintings. Then he plans to destroy the average picture. Now he has an NFT of the last known pictures of the valuable paintings before they are stolen and an average painting that no longer exists. He thinks it would be worth a lot of money.

Would it?

I'm a writer, trying to use something like this as part of the book's plot. Would appreciate you all's expertise on NFTs and letting me know your thoughts. Thanks!
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