Blockparty's Marketplace Lets Users Trade & Sell Digital Assets

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Blockparty's Marketplace Lets Users Trade & Sell Digital Assets

Blockparty is now introducing its digital collectible marketplace, which works as a place where fans can own, sell and trade their digital assets. On the marketplace, fans will find rare and authentic collectibles with a focus on three categories: art, music and sports. For a limited period of time, collectors will be able to purchase coveted art by MADSTEEZ.

Blockparty is tapping into the fact that 18 to 24-year-olds prefer to buy collectibles online and its platform helps to give collectors peace of mind when it comes to buying digital goods. The marketplace supports waitlists and notifications so that fans can be the first to know when something new drops.

With galleries, art fairs and festivals closed, Blockparty is uniquely positioned to offer a next-gen experience for the modern collector.
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Re: Blockparty's Marketplace Lets Users Trade & Sell Digital Assets

It is incredibly gratifying that copyright should be protected here. It is the most important and valuable thing that your work will be appreciated. Although I am more than confident that attempts to steal and appropriate work will appear from time to time.

I think it would be advisable for this to introduce any sanctions for this platform, which in case of violation will be recorded and permanently block the user who tried to upload someone else's creation.
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