How to get NFT tokens for free

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How to get NFT tokens for free

There are several ways to get NFT tokens for free.


1. Purchase with Rewards
You can get NFT tokens by collecting special points on the cryptoasset aggregator After registering, go to the rewards section every day and receive special Candies bonus points. If you log in for a reward every day, the number of Candies increases every day throughout the week.

Several times a month, special collections of NFT tokens from Coingecko appear on the site, which you can exchange for these points. In addition to the NFT token, these promotional packages also include T-shirts, notebooks and other branded products. Some of the cards received from Coingecko have already been purchased from the marketplace. One of these funny frogs was sold for 1.5 ETH. (120 thousand rubles.)

2. Creating your own NFT token
On the website in the "Create" section, anyone can create their own NFT token absolutely free of charge.

To do this, you need to connect the MetaMask wallet.
There are many instructions on the network for installing and connecting MetaMask, so we will not dwell on this in detail in this article.
After connecting the MetaMask wallet, you can proceed to creating your NFT token by clicking the Create button.

Then you need to fill in all the fields, upload the logo and cover of your own NFT token and album. When you create three NFT tokens, the verification of the album will become available to you, after completing it, your NFTs will be posted on the marketplace and you can sell them.

3.Participation in giveaways and giveaways
Influential participants in the NFT ecosystem, such as crypto exchanges, developers and founders of NFT projects, often hold various kinds of giveaways with the distribution of NFT tokens. One of the developers of the Avalanche project, Don Wonton, periodically raffles the NFT tokens created on the blockchain of this project among his followers on Twitter. To participate, you just need to indicate the address of your Avalanche wallet in the comment on the tweet and retweet the entries. Don Wonton usually plays about 20 cards. Judging by the number of retweets, the odds of winning are pretty high. Therefore, if you are interested in this area, you should definitely try.
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Re: How to get NFT tokens for free

Thanks for the info. Of course, I'm not very sure that you can get a free token there, but the fact that the work will take place at minimal cost is a fact.
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Re: How to get NFT tokens for free

Very informative and interesting article. It seems to me quite promising that the platform provides a place for promoting yourself and getting additional points that can be exchanged for something. Need to try
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