NFT Refinable Platform Announces Investment From AU21 Capital

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NFT Refinable Platform Announces Investment From AU21 Capital

At Refinable, one of our main goals is to build a world-class team that will help bring our platform to the forefront of the NFT industry. As we introduce a number of innovative features into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, we are leveraging the skills and experience of various industry leaders to better achieve our goals.
We had a lot of influence in choosing our fundraising partners. We are pleased to announce that we have received an investment from one of the leading cryptocurrency venture capital firms, AU21 Capital. Their track record of successful startups and their huge number of blockchain relationships made AU21 Capital an excellent and clear choice as an investment partner for Refinable.


Preparing for the next steps

With our seed capital from some of the world's most renowned investment firms, we are more confident than ever in what lies ahead for our platform. We are introducing many new and innovative features and, as a result, need support from firms with previous experience of successfully scaling businesses. Once our seed round is secured, we are ready to rethink how digital assets can work in the BSC ecosystem.

The NFT Revolution

Now we are almost ready to introduce the Refinable platform to the world. Once the platform is available on BSC, it will become a much less expensive and arguably more accessible network than Ethereum, the current leader in NFT hosting. However, with the help of BSC, users will be able to create, discover, share and use their collectible digital assets like never before. We will provide BSC with a foundation for accurate tracking of ownership and asset history of NFT by providing users with enhanced lineage records.

In addition to direct benefits to our users, we will also help develop the entire BSC ecosystem. With the launch of Refinable, all BSC-based applications will now be able to seamlessly create and distribute NFTs to their application users. We provide complete customization options to improve interoperability between applications and create a more flexible and interactive ecosystem. As NFTs are at the forefront of the blockchain industry, attracting users, speculators and investors from a wide variety of sectors, we want to provide a platform where all user needs for BSC NFT can be taken care of.

About Refinable

Refinable is building a BSC-powered tokenized digital media ecosystem, bringing the power of the NFT ecosystem to the BSC. As the "ultimate hub" for all NFT efforts, Refinable offers its users and partners the ability to create, discover, share and use their NFTs in a community driven marketplace, empowering our users. By integrating a high-performance and low-cost NFT platform into one of the fastest blockchain networks available, BSC, we want to create a community of active users who directly benefit from our platform.
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Re: NFT Refinable Platform Announces Investment From AU21 Capital

The idea of ​​building a world-class team is very entertaining. When there is a well-coordinated team that develops its projects efficiently, it greatly helps the business and the development of what was conceived in particular.
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