3 ways to sell NFT on OpenSea

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3 ways to sell NFT on OpenSea


On the NFT page, you can find a blue "Sell" button in the upper right corner. You will be presented with a choice of three methods to sell a painting on OpenSea: at a set price, at an auction, and several products at once.

Three ways to list an item for sale

Bundle. This is a feature that will allow you to list multiple items for sale at the same time. We go to a personal page and just put a checkmark on the necessary NFTs. Then click Sell to sell. Further, all the set sale settings will be applied not for one token, but for the entire set. When someone buys this kit, they will receive all of the items from it. In this way, you can group up to 30 NFTs to pay for a shipment only once.

Highest Bid. This is an auction. You set the minimum bid, the starting price and the time that the auction will take place.

When the time comes to an end, the NFT will automatically be received by the one who offered the highest bid. If there are no bids equal to or higher than the initial price, the auction will end without a sale. The starting price must be at least 1 ether. Otherwise, the auction simply cannot be created.

Set Price. This is a fixed price setting. Any price can be set here, even 0. However, setting too low a price is also unprofitable. To know how to make money on NFT in OpenSea, it is important to understand what the commission for the token sale consists of.
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Re: 3 ways to sell NFT on OpenSea

Useful information to learn about this platform. It will be necessary to study in more detail all aspects and subtleties in order to properly distribute costs and correctly prioritize the purchase ;)
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